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2. Boost / Focus improvement
Prevent future problems and anticipate your costs
5. Anticipate
1. Diagnose
3. Structure

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The development of companies is generally supported by investment projects such as manufacturing lines, new production sites or layout redesigns of current factories. For this reason, Lean Performance Group has developped a standard approach called 3P (Preparation Production Process) applied in different industries over the past 10 years. 


This standard methodology allows to anticipate future problems and define the best implementation and organizational solution.


• Analysis / collection of actual data and information
• Development of alternatives
• Evaluation of alternatives
• Simulate the selected alternative
• Document the winning alternative - cell / line / factory layout / factory location / etc ...


• A final layout validated and shared by all the project's stakeholders
• A financial report (Earnings vs. Investment Cost)
• An implementation schedule

4. Train & Coach

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