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1. Diagnose
Challenge your system and simplify your processes
2. Boost / Focus improvement
3. Structure

Problem solving

Shop Floor Management

Team analysis

While in crisis situation, human ressources as well as used methodologies are not always deployed properly. Lean Performance has developed an expertise in structuring "booster activities" in order to help organizations to react quickly and to rapidly return to a situation which is "under control".

Our 2 approaches (task force or interim management) are customized according to the complexity of the subjects to be solved and the current organization.


• Task force to enhance the skills of your team, with project and methodological support
   • Training of local teams to use Lean methodologies properly
   • Implementation of "visualisation" to manage processes efficiently and give     

      autonomy to organisations
   • Coaching  of operational staff in their managerial routines
   • Definition of operational and / or financial savings

• Interim management to take over roles & functions of an operational manager and accelerate actions in progress


• A clear and shared structure to "copy / paste" any similar "boost" action
• Documented report of each completed project / workshop
• Validation of the implemented operational improvements and/or  financial savings 

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4. Train & Coach
5. Anticipate
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