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2. Boost / Focus improvement
1. Diagnose
Structure your continuous improvement's plan and adapt your organization
3. Structure

Lean Performance Group is positioned as a privileged partner to build a global LEAN approach to redesign existing organizations into a process orientated company.

4. Train & Coach

Maturity Model

Deployment of Lean concepts

Management Committee seminar


• Validate the organization's vision and mission 
• Create a Maturity Model
   • Define and structure the LEAN concepts to be deployed
   • Validate the link between the LEAN methodologies and the concepts
   • Create the LEAN auditing system
• Moderate a Management Committee seminar
• Validate the overall approach and the deployment plan schedule


• A validated and operational maturity model
• An operational audit / evaluation system
• A customized Top Management seminar
• A structured 12 to 24 month approach

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5. Anticipate
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