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I met LPG for the first time when we were auditioning for a consultant to help us implement LEAN manufacturing in our plant in Hungary. It was a beauty contest of the who-is-who of LEAN consultants from Germany - Stephan Treuvey / LPG were recommended by a former LEAN executive who happens to be one of the top shots in the Lean network.

We picked LPG because they were not selling us on Kanban loops, value stream analysis, pilot projects and other buzz words. After participating in several fruitless Implementation projects in the past I witnessed a succesfull LEAN transformation based on management committment, the implementation of a team organisation, visual management, shop floor routines ... finally leading to a culture of continuous improvement. LPG was the only consultant proposing to choose this path for our Lean transformation - so it was a natural pick.


To make a long story short: the collaboration with LPG worked out very well. They had a balanced approach of class room teaching, simulation games and shop floor exercises  and were a vital support during our Lean journey. All consultants provided to us knew their job, they were hands on, good with flip charts and "poor with PowerPoint". The diversity and intercultural experience of the LPG team allowed them to support us in our local languages (such as English, German, Hungarian or Spanish).


Best of all LPG did not hesitate to respectfully criticise when we were heading down the wrong road. I'll sign up with them anytime I have to repeat a LEAN implementation in the future.

Hans Peter - Geschäftsführer Ungar und Oesterreich Werke 

« Lean Performance worth recommending. A leader among consulting companies »

Michal - COO

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We are very proud to be a long term partner of Spinko Leszno (Poland) 

since more than 10 years

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